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Wasif Alabu Khan

Wasif Alabu Khan

{{Infobox Character |name = Wasif Alabu Khan |image = Wasif Alabu Khan.png |race = Human (Tau'ri) |home planet = Earth |gender = Male |died = |rank = |occupation = British soldier<br> Jackal Guard (brainwashed) |allegiances = Great Britain, Egypt<br> Ra (brainwashed) |appearances = Stargate Origins |actor = Shvan Aladdin }} {{Quote|Goddamn power hungry Nazis|Wasif|Episode 3 (Stargate Origins)}}
{{Quote|These stones they mine, allow Ra absolute power in the stars. And all who stand against him, are punished in white fire. [...] The portal is far too dangerous for our uncertain one.|Wasif|Episode 9 (Stargate Origins)}}
Wasif Alabu Khan travels with Captain James Beal and Catherine Langford through the Stargate to try and help her to rescue her father, Paul Langford.


A native Egyptian and a Lieutenant in the British army, Wasif hails from a prominent and wealthy family in Cairo. This meant he was able to attend the finest schools where he excelled as a scholar. While he could have simply rested on his laurels and lived off of his parents' wealth, Wasif surprised everyone by instead joining the British military - which had maintained an uneasy presence in Egypt for decades - in order to protect the interests of his fellow countrymen. Wasif and his commander, Captain James Beal, immediately became close friends thanks to their shared sense of humor and mutual love for the domino game of Chicken Foot. Wasif is not particularly skilled in the ways of war. He considers himself to be man more of logic than action. However, when dire situations arise, Wasif shows no hesitation in unleashing a clever sarcastic remark. Thanks to this smart-alecky (some would call it off-putting) demeanor, few people have been able to grow close to Wasif. He has always been hesitant to let his guard down. His personal goals and dreams remain a mystery to even his closest friend, Beal, who considers Wasif a riddle that's not interested in being solved.<ref>[https://www.stargatecommand.co/feeds/stargate-origins-character-intel-wasif Character Intel]</ref>


After Dr Wilhelm Brücke|Bruckë's kidnapping of Professor Paul Langford|Langford, Wasif reluctantly followed Catherine Langford|Catherine and James through the Stargate in an attempt to save him. Wasif described the sensations felt by traveling through the wormhole as "Interesting". Upon arriving on Abydos, Wasif was the first of the group to notice the temple they were in was not abandoned when he found a bucket. Shortly thereafter, he met Serqet who incapacitated him. After a fight, ending in Serquet being sent through the Transportation rings, he and the group met a young Kasuf. Wasif was able to gather that Abydonian sounded somewhat similar to ancient Egyptian, which, after some practice, made him able to understand him, and the Abydonians|people of Abydos. After Aset (Goa'uld)|Aset, who ruled Abydos in the place of Ra, returned to the temple using the Transportation rings, the group fled and followed Kasuf through the Abydonian desert to his outpost: Nosdevli, he agreed with James when he said Abydos looked a lot like Egypt stating it was "very sandy". When Wasif and the group arrived at the camp, they lost Kasuf and were cornered by the inhabitants. They were then taken prisoner and tied to a tent pole, guarded by Motawk. Wasif suggested they should "stay calm, and let the solution present itself". He managed to break free of his restraints, freeing Catherine and James as well. He was accidentally stabbed by Motawk, when they tried to escape. Visibly upset, Motawk used the Wand of Horus to heal Wasif's wound. After Catherine exposed the Eye of Ra medallion, the people of Nosdevli apologised, almost worshiping them, and were subsequently considered emissaries of Ra.  thumb|left|220px|Wassif and Motawk share a final kiss.">thumb|left|220px|Wassif and Motawk share a final kiss. At the banquet in thrown in their honor, Wasif bonded with Motawk, sharing a pipe and drinks, and love grew between the two. The next morning, when Aset visited the outpost with Bruckë the outpost and asked for slaves to "prove their worth" in a knife fight against Stefan, Wasif stopped him from volunteering. After the fight ended in one of the Abydonians being killed by Bruckë, Motawk joined the group in their plan to stop him. Later, James commented on the fact he and Wasif were holding hands. Hesitant, Wasif told him it was "local custom". As the group put their plan in action, afraid that they might never have the chance again, Wasif and Motawk shared a final kiss. thumb|216px|Wasif and Motawk as Ra's new guards.">thumb|216px|Wasif and Motawk as Ra's new guards. When Ra arrived on Abydos to rule alone again, he was brainwashed using a Kara kesh|hand device and subsequently became a Jackal Guard. He then left with Ra in his Cheops class warship. Motawk was brainwashed as well and became a Horus Guard in service of Ra for "many years". 

Behind The Scenes

  • Wasif is the first gay character to appear in the Stargate Franchise, chronologically - and the first male gay character to appear. However, Camile Wray was the first gay character to appear in order of production, appearing in Stargate Universe.
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