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Wraith cloning facility

Wraith cloning facility

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|name=Wraith cloning facility
|location=Planet (Spoils of War)|Planet
|control=None (present), Wraith (past)
|appearances=Stargate: Atlantis<br>
  • "Spoils of War"<br>*"Enemy at the Gate" {{m}}
  • }} {{quote|Within weeks, our army had grown to hundreds of times its original size. From that point on, the tide of war turned in our favour and there was nothing the Lanteans could do.|Todd|Spoils of War}}
    The Wraith cloning facility was a secret installation within the Pegasus galaxy.


    thumb|left|175px|A commander accessing a Wraith computer terminal.">thumb|left|175px|A commander accessing a Wraith computer terminal. During the Lantean-Wraith war|war with the Ancients, the Wraith were at a disadvantage due to the massive superiority of Ancient technology, so a secret cloning facility was used to breed an army of cloned Wraith warriors to give them an edge. A single Wraith Hive queen|Queen would secrete the genetic material needed to create Wraith to clone more. It was powered by 3 Zero Point Modules which Todd explained were gained in the first war by capturing three Ancient ships with ZPMs in them. This was the secret to the Wraith's victory over the Ancients: they had so many numbers because they used this facility to clone a massive army that was still growing by early 2008. That very year, Todd managed to get his hands on three ZPMs from the Battle of Asuras to replace the presumably depleted ones that were used to power the facility and planned to clone a new army of his own to Wraith civil war|kill the other Wraith and take over. One of his Wraith Commander (Spoils of War)|subordinates betrayed him to a rival Hive ship and he was taken captive by them, but not before managing to send a message to Atlantis from his disabled ship with a Wraith tracker|tracking device. thumb|right|175px|A developing Wraith clone.">thumb|right|175px|A developing Wraith clone. The Wraith Queen (Spoils of War)|Wraith Queen of the other Hive ship took her ship to the facility to clone a new army, while Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's Atlantis Reconnaissance 1|team found Todd's disabled Hive ship. After learning of the facility's existence from the ship's computer, they took the Hive ship there to check it out. The team had found and rescued Todd who explained everything to them, but on the way out they were caught and held prisoner by the Wraith. They managed to escape due to Teyla Emmagan taking control of the Queen and forcing her to let them escape, but they were unable to destroy the facility before the cloning process could begin again so they escaped to the Atlantis' hive ship|Hive ship in a Puddle Jumper. The facility was finally destroyed when the team rammed their Hive ship onto it. {{Cite|SGA|Spoils of War}}


    Queen's Chamber

    thumb|left|175px|A [[Hive queen">thumb|left|175px|A [[Hive queen using her genetic material to create Wraith.]] Inside the facility resides a special chair where the Hive queen sits in order to begin the cloning process. Once on her throne, controls activate which shoot numerous tendrils that cover her body leaving her completely unaware of what happens around her as the process is exhausting for her. She uses this chair to secrete enough genetic material to create warriors who are duplicated thousands of times creating a massive army of Wraith warriors. The Queen can be awakened from the process by tapping the controls nearby which results in the tendrils receding from her body. {{Cite|SGA|Spoils of War}}

    Cloning Chambers

    thumb|right|175px|A terminal that oversees the numerous Wraith cloning pods.">thumb|right|175px|A terminal that oversees the numerous Wraith cloning pods. Deep inside the cloning facility reside thousands of pods from which new Wraith are cloned and grown. The base possesses over a hundred such chambers where the clones await for the energy from the Zero Point Module's to finish the process. A single Queen was incapable of providing enough material to fertilize all the pods which was why the cloning process required the infusion of energy from Ancient power modules. The computer terminal at the entrance of the massive chamber allows for a user to analyze the schematics of the facility. {{Cite|SGA|Spoils of War}}

    Holding Chamber

    thumb|left|175px|[[Todd">thumb|left|175px|[[Todd trapped in a holding chamber.]] Similar to the great Hive ships of the Wraith, the cloning facility possesses a number of holding chambers which are used to detain prisoners or food. After the Wraith Todd was captured by a rival Hive, he was placed in one such chamber until he served his purpose. Once complete, a pair of warriors were sent to bring him for the Wraith Queen (Spoils of War)|Wraith Queen to feed on but they were killed by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's Atlantis Reconnaissance 1|team. {{Cite|SGA|Spoils of War}}
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