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Zaddik's people

Zaddik's people

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{{Infobox Race |race=Zaddik's people |image=250px">250px |species=Humans |dist= |origin=Zaddik's homeworld |lang=English |govt= |alliances=Atlantis expedition |appearance="Instinct" }} Zaddik's people were a race of Humans living on Zaddik's homeworld in the Pegasus galaxy.


According to Goran, while the Wraith had culling|culled them in the past, it had been so long ago that the Wraith were merley legends and they had no idea what one even looked like. When a Wraith scout ship crashed on their planet years ago, they killed the surviving Wraith, not knowing what they were, but fearing them all the same. Unfortunately one survived and began feeding on the villages. The people named the creature the Daimos with some suspecting it was a Wraith given its method of arrival. Ten years later, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and his Atlantis Reconnaissance 1|team arrived on the planet and offered their assistance in killing the Wraith. As it turned out there were two Wraith, including a female named Ellia. The two would feed upon the villagers a few times a year (with Ellia doing it secretly) and all attempts to hunt down the Daimos failed. Sheppard and his team hunted the two Wraith and the Daimos was killed by an accidentally transformed Ellia who's attacks left Sheppard and Ronon Dex no choice but to kill her as she couldn't be taken alive. The deaths of the last remaining Wraith on the planet left the people finally in peace. {{Cite|ATL|Instinct}}
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