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Zarubbabel is a male Himmelite from Himmel. He is the leader of the Himmelite tribes. Even if they do not recognize him as "King" He has great influence in matters of war. His background is quite mysterious and his eyes get many to distrust him or think he is a character from their goddess. His blond hair blue eyes are unknown among his people, and some say he has Nazi blood in him. Despite his hatred of the colonists is unquestioned and has led his people in several successful attacks against the colonists.

Zarubbabel is the son of Field Marshall Heinrich von Blücher, but only he himself is aware of it. His mother said to him just before their village was wiped out in the Governing Council of the command. The boy grew up despising the Nazis and swearing to take revenge on them. His appearance binds him to his enemy, he claims to let him draw his strength from them. He specializes in guerrilla tactics and has a masterful way of leading Nazi forces right where he wants them to go.

He looks for every opportunity to weaken the Germans no matter how insignificant, he can smell opportunity as a bloodhound. If an SG team arrives on the planet his spies among Himmelite will undoubtedly inform him about it and he will not hesitate to approach the newcomers with a business. {{cite|RPG|First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook}}
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